Know everything about getting Hifu treatment

Ageing is a natural process and should be accepted whole-heartedly. There is no shame in growing old and losing what you once held in youth. However, problems arise when people start to show the severe effects of aging long before they reach a certain age. It is fine to look your age but not ideal to look older than you are. Several factors work to make people look older, for instance, harmful sun rays, hormonal changes, bad posture, unhealthy lifestyle, and so on. To regain the radiance of a young age, dermatologists in recent years have introduced several non-invasive skincare solutions that are bound to make you look younger and healthy. One of such popular treatments is the Hifu treatment which is known for its pain-free procedure and lasting effects. In this post, we have outlined some basic details about HIFU and the benefits attached to it.

What is HIFU?

HIFU stands for High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound and makes use of ultrasound energy to heat the skin tissues. At a certain temperature, the skin cells rejuvenate and produce more collagen – an essential element for skin radiance. It is a safe method in which only those tissues targeted that are hidden below the skin surface. It doesn’t affect the outer layer of the skin and works under layers to bring change in facial skin from the root. As the number of collagen increases in the skin, it leads to more radiant and smooth skin vanishing the wrinkles and fine lines on the face. This advanced treatment is ideal for the age of 30 years or older who are susceptible to aging. It is a safe and pain-free alternative to face-lift surgery however not ideal for those with sagging skin.

Benefits of a HIFU treatment

HIFU has left behind face-lift surgery in terms of popularity. It is an ideal procedure for those who have low to mild effects of aging on their face. Below are some of the major benefits of the HIFU procedure

  • Elimination of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Smooth radiant skin
  • Tightened skin
  • Pain-free procedure
  • Quick procedure

Side-Effects of HIFU

There are no serious side effects of HIFU treatment. It is a pain-free procedure that needs no surgery, injections, or anything. It doesn’t leave behind scars, incisions, or bleedings. In some cases, you may notice redness or inflammation which is nothing to worry about. However, those with sensitive skin, pigmented skin, or allergic to ultrasound rays should not go for this option. In any case, consultation from a qualified dermatologist at the best aesthetics clinic in dubai is necessary.