Debunking Common Myths About Dissolving Lip Fillers

Lip filler demands have increased day by day in recent years because lip fillers provide the quickest solution to get rid of lips-related problems like lips not being glossy, shiny or they may seem flat, because of this many individuals opt for the best lip Fillers in Dubai. However, despite of having high demand, there are several myths and misconceptions that have emerged in the market like they are not safe or taking the dissolving lip fillers treatment will damage the lips and to debunk them, we have listed some of the common myths about dissolving lip fillers in UAE.

Myths and Their Debunking of Taking Dissolving Lip Filler in UAE

• Myth 1:

Dissolving Lip Fillers is Painful and Risky

Out of many misconceptions, this one is the very common because, People do think that the procedure is painful and also has very high risks. But on the other hand, dissolving lip filler treatment is conducted by professionals and this whole procedure is totally safe and secure. Professionals conduct the treatment through Hyaluronidase. This is the enzyme that is responsible for the breakage of hyaluronic acid. This is the common and most important thing in the whole procedure.

This procedure is very simple and only mild pain happens during the treatment because of this, some feel a little bit of swelling in their targeted area but it's manageable and doesn't need any anaesthesia.

• Myth 2:

Lip Filler Dissolution Is Permanent

There is also a belief that once we undergo the treatment of dissolving lip fillers UAE, then this treatment is irreversible. However, this is not the case because lip filler dissolution is temporary and according to an individual person it gets fixed within time.

• Myth 3:

Lip Filler Dissolution Causes Permanent Damage to the Lips

Some people also feel that dissolving lip fillers treatment may cause damage to the lips and their surrounding area but this is only a misconception. because it's done through skilled doctors through different techniques, minimizing every type of risk and increasing the safety factors.

Hyaluronidase specially targets the hyaluronic acid and breaks the molecules into very small parts that can be naturally eliminated from the body. It's very safe to conclude that this treatment does not affect the surrounding area of the lips.

• Myth 4:

Lip Filler Dissolution Will Turn Your Lips into Deflated

It's believed lip filler dissolution will turn your lips deflated, and undo the volume and shape of lips that you have received by undergoing the best lip Fillers in Dubai. But on the other hand, it's only temporary and the results of lip fillers will eventually return to natural size. Dissolving lip fillers are only used to give the right shape by removing excess hyaluronic acid.


Treatment of dissolving lip fillers UAE is a safe and effective procedure and there are no side effects or major problems a person has to face. If someone notices some changes then those changes are temporary and will be fixed with time. If you want to take the best treatment for lip dissolving, then do contact us for the treatment. Let us help you with the best looks.