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Get Your Desired Skin Through Effective Botox Treatment

Botox treatments are preferred commonly around the world as they are very promising. A face covered with wrinkles, unwanted chubbiness, and fat can hinder your beauty. With the help of Atelier Aesthetics, you can get the desired appeal and unleash the hidden beauty. At our good botox clinic, we have all the latest equipment to provide safe treatment to the patients. Our experts develop the most suitable plan for the patients after carefully studying all key aspects.

At our best botox clinic, and best doctor botox qho provides perfect treatment. The specialists examine the patients before providing any treatment. Before administering any treatment, it is necessary to consider factors such as any side effect or if the patient has already undergone similar procedures.

After taking a treatment at our good botox clinic, you can preserve your youthful appearance. Do not allow your beauty to get lost with time. Our treatment can make you beautiful and confident. We have the best doctor for botox treatment./p>

Effective And Satisfying Results

As the best botox clinic, we provide utmost care to the patients and ensure they are satisfied with the treatment. Whether you are looking for a higher cheek or want to lift up the skin around the eyebrow, our specialists can fulfill your needs. You will surely appreciate the results. Comfort of the patient is our priority, and we have proficient experts who have years of experience in providing botox treatment. They ensure the patient is receiving pain-free and safe treatment. At our botox Dubai clinic, we ensure that the patient is not encountering any discomfort during the treatment.

The Atelier Aestheticsis the best botox clinic, and we also pay attention to the aspect of the aftercare. The patients must be properly guided so that after the medication it is possible for them to sustain their appeal. Impressive results last only when the patient takes proper precautions and receives after care.

Information about dysport

Just like Botox, dysport can also be injected into the skin. It helps in effective prevention of skin from creasing. It becomes easier to control frown lines that appear on the forehead. Moreover, you can also get minor facial corrections. The dysport botox has attained enormous popularity as an effective treatment for wrinkles as well as fine lines.

The active ingredient of dysport is Botulinum Type A. As soon as dysport botox is injected, the nerves around the injection site get disabled. This helps in limiting the muscle area. The result is soothing skin as the area gets some relaxation. Natural, smooth, unstressed and rejuvenated shape can be easily achieved through this treatment. However, it is important to know that Dysport helps in treating moderate to severe forehead lines. It is also helpful in treating glabellar lines.

Difference between botox and dysport

There is some difference in the level of concentration. In comparison to botox, Dysport is far more diluted. There is not much difference between the two in terms of cost. There is also difference in terms of diffusion and molecular behavior. The experts of Atelier Aesthetics make use of botox and dysport botox as and when required. Botox is helpful with crow’s feet, lip lines and fine wrinkles. As it is slow moving and has higher concentration, it is perfect for the smaller areas. On the other hand, dysport botox works properly for larger areas such as glabellar lines and the forehead. It spreads evenly, quickly and is very fast-acting.

The process for botox and dysport are not different. The injectable journey of the patient begins after initial consultation with the dermatologist. First of all, the dermatologist will check the medical condition of the patient and develop a medical plan. In some treatment sessions, both botox and dysport are included. The doctor injects the botox or dysport at the best spots. In some cases the Dysport injections are injected at the deep spots. The deep spots help to cover the large area. You should also take small precautions from your sides such as:

  • Do not consume alcohol for at least 48 hours
  • Do not massage the injected area or your face, otherwise it could spread the neuromodulator to other sections of the face
  • Do not indulge in any strenuous activity for at least 4 hours
  • Try to avoid direct exposure to sunlight for a period of at least 24 hours

Both botox and dysport have impressive success rates, and they effectively reduce the signs of wrinkles. Most of the patients are extremely satisfied with the results. The effect of dysport can last anywhere between 3 to 4 months, and you must consult with our experts regarding extra sessions. Feel free to contact us and get the best treatment at our good botox Dubai clinic so as to maintain a divine glow on your face.

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