Hifu treatment Dubai is a new cosmetic technique that makes your skin more good-looking with no use of incision or suture.

Hifu treatment Dubai is a new cosmetic technique that makes your skin more good-looking with no use of incision or suture. New technologies emerge in analyzeld on a daily basis; let us analyse the revolutionary turn that the aesthetic world has taken. It's a non-invasive alternative to the classic facelift technique. The function of hifu treatment is to cure the deep skin layer and boost the level of collagen and elastin building. However, all this help to improve skin tightening and lifting. The skin thins and sags with the passage of time. The therapy is usually used on the face, but it may also be used on other sections of the body.

How much does Skin Whitening in Dubai and Abu Dhabi cost?

AED 300 is the average cost of skin whitening in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Prices are mostly determined by the technique used and the number of sessions required. Lasers are more expensive than peels, with each session costing between AED 800 and AED 1,500. You can get a discount on these pricing if you buy numerous sessions.

Weight reduction with HIFU

High intensity focused ultrasound energy can also be utilised to change the form of the body by eliminating fat cells. In other words, HIFU works by directing energy at subcutaneous fat, resulting in the breakdown of fat tissue. The Best botox dubai procedure is often performed on the belly, bottom, and arms to reduce the amount of local fat tissue.

HIFU Therapy Process

Depending on the treatment region and the severity of the sagginess to be addressed, the HIFU operation will take 1 to 2 hours. To begin, the surgeon will do a thorough face cleansing to remove all pollutants and dust from the skin. To alleviate discomfort and soreness, an ultrasonic gel will be administered to the afflicted region. The concentrated energy will be directed to the skin using a specific instrument that will be adjusted to the proper angle using an ultrasonic viewer. The high-frequency ultrasound beams enter the deeper layers of the skin, damaging the cells and stimulating collagen and elastin formation. Increased levels of these proteins (collagen and elastin) result in tighter, firmer skin. Individuals with extreme skin laxity and photoaging are not eligible for the procedure.

Who is a Good Candidate?

The effectiveness of HIFU is mainly reliant on the location of the therapy. The therapy is not gender-specific; all genders can receive it, which is the finest feature of this treatment. Before undergoing the operation, you must ensure that you are a good candidate for the therapy. You are an excellent prospect if;

  • Your skin is sagging and loose.
  • You have reasonable expectations for the treatment's outcomes.
  • You want to appear young and attractive.
  • You have a sagging jawline.
  • You have sagging skin around your mouth.
  • If you have completed your 60, you are not eligible for the procedure.
  • You want to get rid of your blemished skin.
  • You desire healthy, bright skin.

This energy causes controlled damage to the targeted skin cells, forcing the body to heal them by creating collagen, resulting in Whitening skin treatment as well as cell regeneration. Also, it improves the suppleness and structure of the skin, resulting in natural lifting and tightening.