Top Myths of Energy IV Drip Therapy and Their Reality

Have you ever considered taking treatment of Energy IV Drip but never proceeded ahead because you don't have enough confidence on whether it's safe or not, whether will there be any after effects or not, etc. In today's market, there are so many myths spreading regarding IV drip and this is why we mentioned some of the most trending myths and reality of energy IV drip Dubai so that you can clear your mind and make the right decisions without any uncertainty in your mind.

What are the Myths and Reality of IV Drip Treatment?

Myth 1: Energy IV Drip is only for Athletes:

It is believed that IV Drip is only applicable to athletes and bodybuilders because they have to enhance their body performance and recover their bodies. This is why only they need it.


Athletes are the ones who do more body movement as compared to normal human beings but IV drip is not only reserved for them. It's for everyone who is experiencing fatigue, stress, or lack of energy.

Myth 2: It's Just a Fake Effect:

For many people, since IV Drip is directly inserted into our body. The body will not be able to complete proper absorption, and absorption of all important elements like vitamins, minerals, etc. can only be happened by our digestive system,


This is not the case because Energy IV Drip contains vitamins, minerals, and amino acids and is directly inserted into our bloodstream. This process bypasses the digestive system but it provides direct contact with important elements and this ultimately leads the body to a more energy state as compared to a normal process.

Myth 3: A Healthy Diet is not Important:

Many Individuals believe that since energy IV drip contains everything then it's not necessary to have the proper healthy diet because they can get the energy from this treatment.


Energy IV Drip is not a substitute for food. It surely includes important nutrients for instant energy promotion but for a healthy lifestyle, a person has to do everything like exercise, a healthy diet, etc. This treatment is only for when the body is facing some deficiencies and the hangover drip Dubai helps you to recover the body from the hangover.

Myth 4: It's Painful:

Individuals believe that this treatment will cause a lot of pain and that's why they always stop themselves from taking this treatment.


IV Drip therapy is a therapy that can be easily tolerated by the patient. It causes very minimal pain during the procedure. However, if you are feeling scared then this procedure is also very quick and only takes about 30-60 mins to completions.

Myth 5: It's Only Applicable When You are Facing Severe Nutrient Deficiencies:

Energy IV Drip is only applicable when you are facing very severe nutrition deficiencies and to fulfill the required energy bar in the body, you need this therapy.


This approach is totally wrong about the therapy. We at Atelier Aesthetics are the best aesthetics clinic in Dubai and we have to clear every misconception. IV Energy Drip is applicable and everyone can go for this therapy if they are facing issues like low energy in the body, excessive stress, fatigue, etc. If you are facing any type of these symptoms then you can surely go ahead with this therapy.