Juvederm Fillers

juvederm filler

Juvederm Filler Dubai

Are you looking for youthful skin, sharp cheekbones, raised brows and a defined jawline? If so, juvederm filler can make your life beautiful. There are many who closely follow the latest fashion trends and try to practice lip pouting. Stretched out wrinkled skin can also become a problem. Come to us if you want it to be plump as well as taut. There is one such treatment that is neither risky or painful from any angle. Feel free to contact Atelier Aesthetics for juvederm filler treatment. We offer high-quality treatment in Dubai that will give you the perfect pout. Just a few sessions and you will meet with great results.

You must go for such treatment procedures that have received FDA approval. This acid-based gel helps to enhance the size of the lips. You can notice improvement in overall aesthetics after the folds and creases are filled out. This filler is used by both genders. Often, it is seen that celebrities are inclined to this filler. Although the Juvederm filler is non-surgical, the results are very impressive. After a time span of two weeks, the medical expert can call you for a touch-up session.

The benefit of the juvederm filler session is as follows:

  • Plumper, fuller and attractive lips
  • Lifting and contouring of cheeks
  • Reversing of early signs of aging in a natural manner

At Atelier Aesthetics, we help the patients to get their natural appeal. We understand that struggling with frown lines or losing the volume of the lips can be very depressing. In such a situation, the juvederm filler can help you. Get the desired volume for your lips. Make them plump and beautiful. Consult with our experts to know how this therapy can help you.

Preparation for the cosmetic treatment

After deciding that you will opt for juvederm filler, take an appointment with us. Discuss with our doctors why you want to undergo this treatment procedure. What are your cosmetic goals? If you are suffering from any health condition, declare the same in advance. Our medical professional will advise you to take a few preliminary, precautionary tests.

  • Stop consuming alcohol and smoking
  • Please stop taking blood-thinning medications (at least 3-4 days before treatment)
  • Follow all the necessary instructions

At Atelier Aesthetics, we take all the necessary precautions. We have cemented our position as a well-reputed health center. The filler must be administered by an expert injector. The procedure hardly takes 15-20 minutes, but you will surely notice a dramatic, beautiful thickness in lips. The juvederm filler is administered in a systematic manner. The target area is clearly marked, cleaned and then an anesthetic cream is applied. The solution is carefully injected in the lips with very small needles. The medical professional also gives gentle massages so as to distribute the fillers evenly over the lips. After the procedure is carried out, you will notice improvement in lip shapes. It will be devoid of creases, fine lines and wrinkles.

For further details about juvederm filler, just get in touch with one of our experts. Call us and schedule your appointment.