Mesotherapy For Hair

mesotherapy for hair

The mesotherapy for hair - A very promising treatment method

There are many people who encounter the problem of scanty scalp and excessive hair loss. Usually, this issue appears when the hair tissues are damaged, and the scalp is weakened. The problem of excessive hair loss can interfere with your confidence level, and many people become cautious when the problem appears. The mesotherapy for hair is one of the best known treatments. It has become very popular because this treatment can reverse the hair loss problem. It is possible to heal the damaged tissues and scalp. The result is truly very encouraging. The treatment promotes the growth of new and healthy hairs.

Let us learn more about mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a very reliable, non-invasive hair treatment technique that has received immense popularity. It is based on superficial microinjections technique that contains nucleic acids, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. You can expect customized results because these microinjections can be tailored as per the unique requirement of the customer. The mesotherapy for hair is not just used for treating hair fall, it can be used for treating a wide range of skin issues. This treatment can decrease stretch marks, rejuvenate skin, tighten the saggy skin. It also helps in tackling the lines and wrinkles. The overall appearance of the skin is also enhanced due to this treatment.

At Atelier Aesthetics, we offer the treatment of mesotherapy for hair. Our team is highly qualified, well-versed, talented and experienced to provide a wide range of invasive or non-invasive treatment. You can count on us for delivering this type of treatment. Our experts do not hesitate from walking the extra mile so as to ensure satisfaction of the patients. All these factors make us the best treatment center in the eyes of the patients.

The benefit of the mesotherapy

Most patients prefer mesotherapy as it is a minimally invasive procedure. It is painless and delivers effective results. Let us learn why mesotherapy is the first choice of wise patients:

  • Prevention of hair breakage
  • Exceptional decrease in the hair loss
  • Hair growth receives a boost
  • Tissues in the scalp are repaired
  • The problem of dandruff is reduced
  • Effective results appear quickly
  • The formation of new hair follicles is stimulated
  • There is no downtime
  • Different types of skin-related problems are treated

Approach Atelier Aesthetics and get an initial consultation with the doctors. Discuss your concerns and also share what you are expecting. The doctors study the medical history of the patient and determine whether or not you are the right candidate for the mesotherapy for hair. Avoid habits such as drinking, anti-inflammatory drugs, smoking etc.

As the mesotherapy is not a surgical procedure, there is no recovery period or downtime. Very small effects might appear, but it is very normal. These effects are automatically healed just a few hours after the treatment. Such advanced treatment sessions enhance the volume and density of the hair. You will start noticing positive results in a short span of time. Feel free to contact us for further details about the mesotherapy treatment technique.