Mole Removal Dubai

mole removal

Mole Removal Dubai

Moles can appear on any part of the skin. These small black and dark brown spots spoil the beauty of the skin. Generally, the production of pigmented cells leads to the growth of moles. Some moles automatically fade away with the passage of time. However, others remain, unless and until they are treated. The moles spoil the overall personality, and they can also become a source of serious discomfort. Thanks to the advancement of medical science, mole removal is possible through surgical procedures. With the help of advanced surgical procedures, it is possible to remove moles. After the procedure, your skin will become fine and toned.

Why do moles appear on the skin?

Moles can appear on the body due to the following reasons:
  • Genetic factor
  • Skin cancer
  • Skin disease
  • Exposure to the sun
  • Skin cell clusters
  • After puberty

When the moles are readily visible on the skin, it can affect the self-confidence of the individual. The moles present on the face, hand, neck and legs are more visible. Atelier Aesthetics is the leading mole removal Dubai facility. One of the key goals for conducting the procedure of mole removal is to minimize the possibility of skin cancer and also reduce the skin irritation. The skin appears cleaner and smoother after the procedure of mole removal.

At Atelier Aesthetics, we make use of FDA-Approved easy treatment techniques to get rid of the moles. You can easily get rid of these spots with the help of a promising mole removal procedure. If there are various moles present on the body, it can culminate into low self-esteem and serious emotional distress. So, it is good to take steps and get rid of moles.

The most popular and promising treatment methods:

  • Cauterization - In this process the specific area with a mole is burned in a controlled method. Since heat is used, it is a minimally painful technique. A numbing cream is applied before the procedure is carried out.
  • Laser treatment - The medical professionals eliminate the moles with hand-held laser devices. It reduces the excess collection of pigmented cells. Also, the production of new cells is stopped. You will get rid of moles within just 3-4 sessions.
  • Cryosurgery - The mole is frozen with the help of liquid nitrogen. This procedure is carried out within 15 - 20 minutes. However, if the mole has deep roots, you must consider other surgical options.
  • Hyfrecator Removal - It is a safe and painless treatment technique. The affected area is administered with electrical pulses so as to heat up the problematic issues. If the mole is present in the sensitive portion of the body, you must consult the doctor.

Contact the experts of Atelier Aesthetics, if you want to get a permanent solution of mole. After the removal of the moles, you will become more confident. Before the treatment is carried out, you must find out whether or not you qualify for the treatment:

  • Make sure you are not pregnant
  • There are no skin infections or allergy
  • You are not suffering from any chronic disease
  • You are at least 18 years of age

For further details about this procedure, contact our mole removal Dubai facility. Make your skin clean, flawless and clear with the help of advanced procedures. Our team is known for delivering excellent results.