Profhilo For Face

profhilo for face

Profhilo For Face in Dubai, UAE

The profhilo for face is a revolutionary method that treats skin laxity. It is a ground-breaking injectable product that has attained huge popularity in cosmetic procedures. The product contains stabilized hyaluronic acid. Profhilo is also helpful in filling the lines and wrinkles. All this helps to remodel the skin. After the treatment, you can notice improvement in the skin tone. The hydration and overall radiance is also maintained. Profhilo for face is helpful to enhance elasticity and firmness of the skin. At Atelier Aesthetics, we provide the best treatment that can bring you softer-looking, healthy skin. Profhilo has sufficient capacity to reduce the quality of skin’s tissue.

Why is profhilo so different?

Profhilo is pure hyaluronic acid. It is devoid of butanediol diglycidyl (BDDE). Due to high concentration of hyaluronic acid, it is different from other products. Profhilo is also very helpful for treating aging and sagging skin. Not only profhilo for face, hydrate the skin but it also lifts the same. The results are completely natural and there is no scope for downtime and discomfort. As the profhilo is an injectable treatment, the human skin absorbs hyaluronic acid in a uniform manner. Positive results appear as the HA is absorbed effectively and evenly. Your skin will be rejuvenated after the treatment and profhilo will restore the skin from the inside.

The benefit of profhilo for face

Each patient has some individual and specific requirements. Profhilo is a suitable alternative for such patients who aspire to improve their texture and overall tone of the skin. As the hyaluronic acid (HA) is dispersed and absorbed through the skin, the improvement is uniform. Profhilo is also helpful in natural stimulation of collagen and elastin production. It is extremely helpful in reducing wrinkles and fine lines that appear on the face.

Who should try profhilo for a face?

If you have crossed the 18 years of age, and health is in good condition, then you are a good candidate for profhilo. This treatment is not recommended for breast-feeding and pregnant women. Consult with the specialist before taking this treatment. If you are suffering with any skin infection (around the area that is to be treated) then the first thing you should do is consult with our specialist.

What is the experience of profhilo?

The session can take anywhere between fifteen to thirty minutes. You will not face any serious discomfort. Mild bruising and swelling might appear, but it goes away very soon. The experts of Atelier Aesthetics ensure the patient is completely comfortable during the treatment.

How long does the treatment effect last?

The profhilo for face delivers effective results almost immediately within twenty hours of the treatment. The results can last for approximately six months. If you are seeking longer-term results, then consult our specialists and join us for follow up sessions. The aspect that makes profhilo special is that this treatment solves the problem at the very root. As the elastin and collagen production receives a boost, the skin’s elasticity is improved. The release of hyaluronic acid, improvement in skin elasticity, treatment of wrinkles and boost in production of collagen is also referred to as bio-remodelling. With the revolutionary treatment, you can hydrate the dull, tired skin. The skin can be made shiny and firm.

After your arrival at Atelier Aesthetics, our expert specialist will discuss your expectations and cosmetic goals. Please share in advance what you are willing to achieve with this treatment. Our experts will assess your health and determine whether or not you are an ideal candidate for this treatment. We also create custom-tailored plans to extend maximum benefit to the patient.